How to join a team and succeed as a new software engineer

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How to improve your sprints and common rookie mistakes to avoid

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A Story

On Sprint days we reflect on our accomplishments (or lack thereof) for the previous 2 weeks. It’s about 20 minutes before we jump on zoom and share our thoughts and reflect. I look at our board. I filter for my name, and I see the same tasks I started two weeks ago all “In Progress”.

How to make passive income, boost your resume, and generate interest.

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My results from the past year

Since I became a Medium Partner Program contributor in June, 2020 I’ve made about $200. That is roughly $30 a month in passive income. The $30 stems from 11 articles I published. Some articles continue to gain momentum and are actually generating more money now than when I first published the article. …

Office Hours

How I went from a non-STEM major to DevOps engineer at a Fortune 100 company

Automate the deployment and execution of a Python function without worrying about package size, execution time, or portability

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  1. Execution Time Limitation: My Python function takes longer than the 15 minute limit.
  2. Lack of Portability: AWS Lambda functions aren’t easily portable to other cloud vendors.

how to back up your Oracle Cloud Database

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Modernizing web application development and deployment

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  1. Notional Architecture
  2. Purpose and Goals
  3. How to Setup
  4. Limitations and Problems of AWS Lambda
  5. Thoughts and Conclusion

Notional Architecture:

Trading strategy, resources, and advice from someone who has done it before.

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I wrote a program that automates the buying and selling of stocks


I wrote a program that automates the buying and selling of stocks. I used Python and a Robinhood API wrapper called robin_stocks to build the day trading algorithm.


  1. Initial Results
  2. Scalping Strategy
  3. Technology…

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Ary Sharifian

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