How to join a team and succeed as a new software engineer

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Joining a new team as a software engineer can be daunting. There is so much to learn in such a short period of time. The pressure can be high and deadlines for feature releases are expected to be met before you even begin. Having worked on many different teams in tech, I’ve made many mistakes during onboarding. I wrote this article to help new engineers on-board effectively and avoid the mistake I made. Sometimes new engineers are fixated on building stuff as quickly as possible but many times we forget about the social/human element of creating software.

Remember that code…

How to improve your sprints and common rookie mistakes to avoid

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A Story

On Sprint days we reflect on our accomplishments (or lack thereof) for the previous 2 weeks. It’s about 20 minutes before we jump on zoom and share our thoughts and reflect. I look at our board. I filter for my name, and I see the same tasks I started two weeks ago all “In Progress”.

I can easily justify why I wasn’t able to complete the sprint tasks. The justification always included something about requirements changing or some unforeseen roadblock or lack of data or some other “reasonable” excuse. …

How to make passive income, boost your resume, and generate interest.

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I first started writing articles to boost my resume and document some interesting projects I was working on. After gaining some modest success documenting my pet projects I thought “why not get paid too”?

My results from the past year

Since I became a Medium Partner Program contributor in June, 2020 I’ve made about $200. That is roughly $30 a month in passive income. The $30 stems from 11 articles I published. Some articles continue to gain momentum and are actually generating more money now than when I first published the article. …

Office Hours

How I went from a non-STEM major to DevOps engineer at a Fortune 100 company

Many of my engineering colleagues are surprised to hear that I have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Those on my team with STEM degrees often tell me it's an advantage to have a non-STEM degree. But the path to becoming a DevOps Engineer wasn’t a short one, and I made mistakes along the way. Many reach out to learn how I navigated the bizarre path from philosophy degree to DevOps Engineer. This article will shed some light on how I did it. In short, it was a little bit of luck, significant family support, and a lot of hard work…

Automate the deployment and execution of a Python function without worrying about package size, execution time, or portability

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What’s better than Serverless? Serverless is all the buzz these days and for good reason. Serverless is a simple, yet powerful cloud resource to execute function calls without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. But every superhero has their kryptonite and recently, I’ve ran into a few issues with AWS Lambda Serverless Functions:

  1. Package Size Limitation: My Python dependencies are larger than the 50 MB compressed (and 250 uncompressed) size limits.
  2. Execution Time Limitation: My Python function takes longer than the 15 minute limit.
  3. Lack of Portability: AWS Lambda functions aren’t easily portable to other cloud vendors.

The obvious alternative is…

how to back up your Oracle Cloud Database

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How can we prepare for disaster? If a server crashes, a technician unplugs a machine, or a meteor hits a datacenter, how can the business recover crucial data? In this tutorial we demonstrate how to backup the Oracle Cloud Database with Oracle Database Cloud Backup Service, RMAN (Recovery Manager), and Object Storage. Here, Oracle Database Cloud Backup Service enables connection and communication with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) while RMAN executes backups of your Oracle Cloud Database to OCI Object Storage.

Note: there are many different ways to backup an Oracle Cloud Database, this is meant to represent one option.


Modernizing web application development and deployment

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Cloud is here to stay and more and more developers are seeking ways to effectively incorporate the cloud. Whether you are a startup recognizing limitations of your on-premise hardware and local machines or a large enterprise curious about how to slowly offload on-prem workloads, this tutorial will be insightful. I describe a phase 1 AWS architecture including Github, API Gateway, and AWS Lamba python functions. This represents an initial tutorial exposing developers to the AWS cloud adoption learning curve.


  1. Notional Architecture
  2. Purpose and Goals
  3. How to Setup
  4. Limitations and Problems of AWS Lambda
  5. Thoughts and Conclusion

Notional Architecture:

Trading strategy, resources, and advice from someone who has done it before.

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Having trouble thinking of a strategy? Not sure which APIs and packages to use? Don’t want to reinvent the wheel? I built a stock day trading program (github repo) from scratch and wanted to share some helpful resources as well as some advice on how to get started. I know starting a new project, especially in a foreign domain, is challenging, and I hope this article can help flatten the learning curve. Taking a step back, I also wanted to discuss my criteria for a “good” project. There are many projects you can work on, so why work on this?

I wrote a program that automates the buying and selling of stocks


I wrote a program that automates the buying and selling of stocks. I used Python and a Robinhood API wrapper called robin_stocks to build the day trading algorithm.

Full disclaimer: this is not meant to represent any financial advice. Any investments you make using the algorithm or strategy below is at your own risk. I am not liable for any consequences related to or caused by the information contained in this article which includes my github repository.

Please refer to another article I wrote about the challenges and ongoing technical challenges associated with this project.


  1. Initial Results
  2. Scalping Strategy
  3. Technology…

Using Python and a Robinhood API to automate day trading

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This project is ongoing, but I wanted to take a moment and share the lessons learned. Hopefully any future developer would find this useful before trying to create their own algorithm for automating day trading.

Full disclaimer: this is not meant to represent any financial advice. Any investments you make using the algorithm, strategy, or ideas below is at your own risk. I am not liable for any consequences related to or caused by the information contained in this article.

I created a list of challenges when I was building…

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